Utility token for Premiere
Non-Fungible-Token (NFT) Ecosystem

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Created by digital content

Zodi is brought to you by the team at Ludens Limited, the same team that founded and scaled LINE FRIENDS
from a scratch to billion dollar digital-contents business. Along with ever growing list of partners and advisors from
below groups, we strive to create a whole new ecosystem for digital collectibles.

  • idou
    Manpower from LINE FRIENDS
    Support by Medici Family
Meet the Team
  • Non Fungible Token (NFT)

    Zodi.space is a premiere, non-custodial peer-to-peer NFT marketplace where you can not only mint, buy, sell digital collectibles but also lease and borrow based on NFTs.

  • ZODI Ecosystem dApps

    Aside from the marketplace, consumers interact with NFTs via various user applications in the Zodi ecosystem.

ZODI : Our Utility token
for premiere NFT ecosystem

  • Base currency to make purchases

    Certain Premiere NFT contents are
    only purchasable using ZODI as a currency.
    Paying with ZODI also grants you a deep
    discounts compare to paying with
    other digital assets on our marketplace.

  • Stake to earn more ZODI

    As an indication of commitment and
    safeguard against malicious behaviour,
    users are required to stake ZODI to access
    certain dApps. The more you do on the
    platform the more you can get rewarded

  • Membership : Hold ZODI to gain access

    Stake ZODI to join our exclusive member
    only store to earn NFT airdrops, collectible rewards and ZODI bonuses. Use ZODI to farm exclusive, tradeable NFTs not offered to non-members.